Music Boxes for Children

"Little Grey Rabbit" Jewelry Box
This enchanting musical jewelry box features mother rabbit from the "Little Grey Rabbit" children's ..
Astronaut Musical Shadow Box
This animated shadow box features two astronauts floating around in space, over the moon. The earth ..
Floating Butterfly Shadow Box
This animated shadow box features a red and purple butterfly that floats amongst a variety of pink a..
Floating Floral Fairy Shadow Box / Yellow
This animated shadow box features a fairy that floats from blossom to blossom when you pull out the ..
Hideaway Horse Musical Jewelry Box
This beautiful box features a white horse that revolves as the music plays "My Old Kentucky Home". D..
Limited Edition Theatre Dancing Clowns
Tableware Ballerina Box
This traditional children's music box features a turning ballerina as the music plays. It shows a de..
Traditional Ballerina Box - Fairy / Yellow
This traditional ballerina music box has a compartment and a pull-out drawer for keepsakes. The ball..

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