Restoration & Repair

Rita Ford Music Boxes has been internationally known for over sixty years. We specialized in the sale and restoration of 19th century music boxes. Our collection may include various Swiss cylinder Music Box makers such as Nicole Freres, Pilliard, Samuel Troll and other fine music box makers. Our antique disc music box collection may inlcude such renowned companies as Regina, Stella, Polyphon, and Symphonion. We offer other specialty items in our collection such as, Singing Birds in Cages, Automation and Edison phonographs.

Treble Tooth tip / Double Treble Tooth replacement

We will do a complete restoration of your antique music box, employing only authentic 19th century techniques and finishes, insuring never to compromise the intergrity or the value of the music box. Our master restorer is a classically trained musician and is one of the finest restorers in the country today. We also do repairs on contemporary music boxes. Free estimates are given only after inspection of your music box. All of our antique music boxes are sold in meticulously restored condition.

Please contact us with any inquiries about antiques or your particular music box by calling
908-377-3225 0r 212-535-6717.


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