Antique Music Boxes

Bremond Antique Overture Music Box
This piece was made in the 1860s by the "Bremond" firm of Geneva Switzerland. Overture boxes can com..
Christmas Tree Stand Circa 1900
Christmas Tree stand made in Stuttgart, Germany circa 1900. This is the deluxe model having 2 separa..
Edison Phonograph (Circa 1910)
Phonograph made circa 1910  by the Thomas Edison co. This beautiful machine features the origin..
Jaccard Bell and Drum Music Box
This Antiue Music Box was made in Geneva Switzerland Circa 1885 by the firm "A. Jaccard" . This Musi..
Le Coultre Freres Music Box
This Music Box was made circa 1850s in Geneva, Switzerland by the renowned Makers of Music Boxes, Cl..
Paillard Music Box
This Antique music box was made circa 1890 in Geneva , Switzerland by the "Paillard" firm. The ..
Polyphon Disc Music Box
This Antique Disc Music Box was made circa 1895 in Leipzig, Germany. It features the Duplex comb&nbs..
Regina Disc Music Box Circa 1895
Made in Rahway,NJ, this Disc Music Box is a Single Comb model playing 11" Discs. Contained in a Maho..

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